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Leandra + Conor

Tears are currently in my eyes. McKenna is not only a phenomenal woman but an exceptional photographer. My boyfriend and I have never done photos together and the whole experience was extraordinary.

She is so knowledgable about mountainous locations, the terrain and how to be mindful and kind to nature.

I could go on forever but I am so incredibly in love with these photos I need to get back to looking at them. Bottom line - they are perfect, so incredibly us & everything we dreamed of.

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Mr. and Mrs. Dean

It was no accident that we found McKenna. We are certain that it was Providence. Another photographer referred us to McKenna after hearing us talk about the vibe we wanted for our pictures. We needed a photographer for our wedding day. We didn’t just get a photographer; we got an artist.

McKenna’s prices are too low for what you get. If you hire McKenna, you will get someone who will make you feel perfectly comfortable when everything in you is uncomfortable, someone who will be an indispensable part of your special day, someone who will capture everything beautiful about your love. She catches the details that you didn’t know existed.

My wife and I know that marrying one another is the best decision we ever made, and we know McKenna was a gift from God to capture our ceremony. From engagement photos to rehearsal dinner to ceremony to reception, McKenna added a personal touch that we needed. In the wonderful chaos of planning a wedding, McKenna was a rock for us. I will never forget when the day of coordinator was losing her mind, McKenna looked at my wife and assured her everything was going to be fine. McKenna was right. And we are forever grateful.

If you want pictures that will move you to emotion every time you see them, pictures that will help you relive each moment, pictures that will show you how beautiful the world is, then get McKenna.

13/10 would recommend.

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Claire + Matt

From the first time we talked, I felt like it was meant to be to book McKenna for our wedding photographer. She is so kind, flexible, responsive and has so many amazing ideas of how to capture your day!!!

We took our engagement photos in the absolutely beautiful NC mountains a couple of months ago with her and her husband and my fiancé and I STILL cannot stop staring at them.

Not to mention she put us at complete ease and kept us giggling and cracking jokes for over an hour to capture all these photos.

The amount of talent, passion, and kindness that this girl puts into her photos and her business is truly remarkable. I am so thankful to have found her to capture our special moments.

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Collin + Maddie

McKenna is THE BOMB!

My significant other and I wanted to take pictures in a place we had never been before and she was more than up for the adventure, and it was indeed an adventure. She gave amazing direction without making us feel posed at all and made sure to get to know us and what our relationship meant to one another to capture the perfect pictures. I have never felt at ease in front of a camera until these moments.

She sent us previews super fast and our collection came way sooner than I had anticipated. She edited the photos to bring out the beauty of the scenery and lighting. I am someone who is very ignorant to editing photos so I wasn’t even really able to tell they were edited (except the black and white) but I know that it takes amazing talent and time to do just that.

I am forever grateful to McKenna for giving us such an amazing gift. She has my business for every future event

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