Ross and Rachel were referred to me by a photographer friend and I was instantly smitten with them. Their passion for one another was evident in the images they already had with one another, if I could bottle and sell what they have — I’d be a millionaire. Seriously, these two are SO magnetic when in front of a camera.

Rachel reached out wanting to find a photographer to document their casual courthouse elopement in Asheville. They were planning a destination vow exchange/honeymoon in Greece and were wanting to officially tie the knot in the states beforehand. I was all in and said ‘heck yes, let’s do it!’

The couple enters the courthouse for their wedding.
Bride, Rachel, poses against the glass doors of the courthouse entrance.
The couple makes their way to the judges office to get married.
Bride and groom pose before saying I do.

On that Friday, it was warm but breezy, the kind of weather late summer brings to Western North Carolina and makes you excited for the cooler temperatures to come. It was the perfect afternoon for a wedding.

The Buncombe County courthouse has some of the most intricate ceilings and eye catching accents I’ve ever witnessed in a courthouse. It pays homage to its roots in the Art Noveau era of architecture with plenty of gold and elegant patterns. It is one of the more stunning venues I have had the privilege of shooting.

The couple waits for the rest of their family to join them for their courthouse wedding.

Ross and Rachel met me in front of the courthouse before their appointment absolutely giddy with anticipation. While courthouse weddings are typically pretty quick affairs, there is no reason you can’t dress up. After all, you only truly get married once. Rachel was a vision in this blazer dress by Pretty Little Thing. Classy, fashionable and ever so stylish. Ross complimented his bride perfectly with a smart, casual look paired with a blazer and loafers. Later, they broke the sunnies out which was the cherry on top.

Bride and groom exchange rings in the courthouse room.
First official photo as husband and wife!
The couple Facetiming friends who couldn't be at their courthouse wedding
Family members sign all the paperwork

After their short and sweet ceremony, we rejoined family for some fun photos in the vintage elevators before breaking off on our own for a few romantic captures on the stone steps.

The couple poses on the steps after their wedding
Sweet moments in the elevator after becoming husband and wife
Family photo with the wedding couple in the elevator
husband and wife

We eventually made our way back down to the street where we did some quick family photos and then while family headed to dinner, we finished our romantic session in the street area around the courthouse. We played with the sunlight, breeze and the crosswalks.

Bride and groom take a walk in the sunshine outside the courthouse
Fun veil shots in the crosswalk after the wedding
Dancing in the crosswalk after their wedding
Bride and groom details

We couldn’t believe our eyes when two gals driving a Volkswagen bus circa 1980 pulled up to the crosswalk with their hands out the window expressing their congratulations. I decided to shoot a shot and ask if they minded us posing with their bus. It was the most perfect shade of off white and it just added to the already vintage vibes of their elopement day. They of course said yes and I snagged these killer black and white motion shots.

A visit from a vintage VW bus in the crosswalk
Vintage VW bus stopped for wedding well wishes

We continued on our walk around the courthouse grounds pausing under some trees for some more intimate shots.

Showing off their new wedding rings

I love that Ross + Rachel were able to include some family that wouldn’t be present with them in Greece while also making the most of their casual Friday courthouse wedding. Because let’s be honest, there is nothing casual about committing your life to someone else and THAT is something to celebrate, no matter what.